4 years, 2 degrees

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You’ve proven yourself to be highly motivated, so why not capitalize on your Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Exam (CI), transfer coursework (or dual enrollment) (DE) ASU Prep Digital, Engineering Fast Track or Earned Admission (EA) credits to earn two degrees – a bachelor’s in three years, and a master’s in one additional year? That’s the time it takes most people to get just one degree.

4 years, 2 degrees

Your New American University Scholarship is renewable for eight consecutive semesters. If you start ASU with enough credits to be considered a sophomore (approximately 18 to 24 credits), you can use the final three-to-four semesters to integrate bachelor’s and master’s degree studies as part of 3+1.

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As a 3+1 graduate, you cultivate the high-value employability skills that top global brands seek out. Also, starting salaries for engineers with a master’s degree can be $9,000 to $15,000 higher than for those who have a bachelor’s degree alone.*

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3+1 is a fully constructed course schedule that capitalizes on your AP credits, IB credits or dual-enrollment courses, and is available for select degree programs. To find out how to participate, contact your school’s advising team.

*Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Winter 2017 Salary Survey

3+1=2, 4 years, 2 degrees

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