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Force for good

New President’s Professor committed to humanitarian side of engineering

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ASU named #1 in innovation

By your nature as a Fulton Schools student, you’re a builder and innovator. You have great ideas and great potential to become a game-changing entrepreneur. What better place to get innovating than the #1 most innovative university for the second year in a row?

Check out three programs that will help you feed your entrepreneurial spirit and hone your ideas.



Capturing Carbon

Jerry Lin is leading a team that is finding ways to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning electricity power plants more efficiently.


A Materials World

When Peter Crozier characterizes a material, he does so in detail — right down to the atomic structure.


Cast a SolarSPELL

No internet, no power, no problem. A solar-powered library, created by a new faculty member in the Fulton Schools, is empowering schools abroad.


Elevating Journey

First-generation college student Yoslin Herrera got into a college scholarship program that is challenging her to meet great expectations.