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Robotics Slam Dunk

Teaching a robot a simple task like dunking a basketball now takes mere hours, compared to days, thanks to a new algorithm developed by an ASU engineer.

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Save the date — time to graduate!

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Undergraduate Commencement
Monday, December 12
9 a.m.
Wells Fargo Arena
Tempe campus

Graduate Commencement
Monday, December 12
1:30 p.m.
Wells Fargo Arena
Tempe campus

Fulton Schools Convocation
Tuesday, December 13
1:30 p.m.
Wells Fargo Arena
Tempe campus


Wireless Revolution

With support from a $2.1 million two-year grant from Google’s ATAP group, Daniel Bliss aims to usher in a revolution for wireless communications


Seeing Engineering

Support from a Tooker Professorship is enabling a professor to attract teens and young adults to engineering and inspire them with the fulfilling careers it can make possible.


Capturing Carbon

Jerry Lin is leading a team that is finding ways to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning electricity power plants more efficiently.


A Materials World

When Peter Crozier characterizes a material, he does so in detail — right down to the atomic structure.