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At the Fulton Schools, we have 25 undergraduate programs and 47 graduate programs designed to inspire your academic and personal success. Find yours today!

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Many of our programs offer a fast track to graduating with a bachelor’s plus a masters degree. Explore our 3+1, 4+1 and Engineering Fast Track options.

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We offer convenient “anytime, anyplace” undergraduate degree completion, graduate degrees and graduate certificates online for students and professionals across the globe.

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Minors and certificates

Earn a certificate or pursue a minor in your favorite area of interest to expand your knowledge base and marketability upon graduation.

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Extended and professional

In the workforce but looking to boost your career? We offer many extended and professional programs online.

Fulton Schools programs A-Z

Aerospace Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Air Traffic Management (Aeronautical Management Technology) (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

Air Transportation Management (Aeronautical Management Technology) (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

Applied Science — for transfer students (BAS)

Art, Media and Engineering (MS) (PhD)

Aviation Management and Human Factors (Accelerated 4+1) (MS Tech)

Biological Design (PhD)

Biomedical Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Chemical Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Civil Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Computer Engineering (MS) (PhD) (Concentrations)

Computer Science (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MCS) (MCS online) (MS) (PhD) (Concentrations)

Computer Systems Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1)

Construction Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MSE)

Construction Management (PhD)

Construction Management and Technology (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MS online)

Data Science, Analytics and Engineering (PhD)

Electrical Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MSE) (MSE online) (MSE/MBA online) (PhD) (Concentrations)

Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS)

Engineering – Engineering Management (ME online)

Engineering – Quality, Reliability & Statistical Engineering (ME online)

Engineering – Systems Engineering (ME online)

Engineering Science – Software Engineering (MSE online)

Engineering Education Systems and Design (PhD)

Engineering Management (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1)

Environmental and Resource Management (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (Concentrations)

Environmental Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS)

Graphic Information Technology (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MS online)

Human Systems Engineering (BS) (BS online) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Industrial Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MS online) (MS/MBA online) (PhD)

Informatics (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

Information Technology (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MS online)

Innovation and Venture Development (MS)

Management of Technology (Accelerated 4+1) (MS Tech)

Manufacturing Engineering (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS)

Materials Science and Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (MS online) (PhD)

Mechanical Engineering (BSE) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS) (PhD)

Modern Energy Production and Sustainable Use (MS)

Professional Flight (Aeronautical Management Technology) (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (MS)

Software Engineering (BS) (Accelerated 4+1) (MS)

Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization (Accelerated 4+1) (PSM)

Sustainable Engineering (MSE online)

Systems Engineering (PhD)

Technological Entrepreneurship and Management (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Aeronautical Management Technology) (BS) (Accelerated 4+1)

User experience (MS)