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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
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Engineering Fast Track

For high school students


Programs > Accelerated > Engineering Fast Track

Engineering Fast Track is a way to help high school students accelerate earning an engineering degree by taking one or multiple courses offered online.

These online courses are semester-based and are offered on a  7.5 to 16-week format depending on the course. Courses are taught by ASU faculty members in their respective fields. Students pay a $25 eligibility fee to take each course. Upon completion, students can pay for ASU college credit, $400 per course, with up to one year to pay.


Take courses independently

Take courses in your high school

Participating high schools offer courses during your regular school day. Check with your high school counselor to find out if your school participates. If your school does not participate, a representative from the high school can contact to find out how to get on board.

  • Blended Teaching Model – A designated teacher receives curriculum ahead of time. Using the online curriculum, the teacher can help facilitate the course content and guide students in a traditional style classroom. The faculty on record and grades are assigned are through an ASU faculty member. *This is not dual enrollment.
  • Zero Hour/Supervised Model – Schools have the option to only use the ASU faculty member and the online curriculum for the course. Schools only provide a physical space with computers and supervision. Students complete work during scheduled class time but a teacher is not needed to help guide and facilitate the course. This is a great option for schools with limited teacher resources.
    **Student work must be completed independently and all ASU Academic Integrity guidelines must be followed.

You could receive a STEM Record of Achievement!

By completing all four of the Engineering Fast Track courses (with a 3.0 GPA or higher), you will receive an a STEM Record of Achievement, which would completely fulfill your Engineering Fast Track and get you on your way to a successful 3+1 start in the Fulton Schools!

Learn more about the STEM Record of Achievement


Learn how to fast track into 3+1!

Offer Engineering Fast Track at your high school

Is your school interested in offering Engineering Fast Track courses using the blended teaching model or zero hour/supervised model?

Email to to set up your registration system!

Sign up for classes two weeks in advance

You must sign up for courses at least two weeks prior to the class starting. Individual students, sign up at

FSE 100

FSE 100

Intro to Engineering

In this online engineering course, you will discover how to become a true engineer by exploring the engineering design processes in a hands-on learning environment.

CSE 110

CSE 110

Programming for Everyone: Introduction to Programming

In this online programming course, you will learn how to solve problems using programs for the devices that are all around us.

MAT 265

MAT 265

Calculus for Engineers I: Calculus with Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering

This self-paced, college-level calculus course is ideal for students interested in engineering, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, earth and atmospheric sciences, and life sciences.

CHM 114

CHM 114

General Chemistry for Engineers

In this online chemistry for engineers course, you’ll learn how atoms and molecules act and interact to make the modern materials that underpin technology and solve engineering challenges.