Accelerated +1 Programs

You can accomplish a lot in five years (or less)!

Pursue a master’s degree in less time and with less financial commitment.

Designed for the dedicated and driven Fulton Schools student, the +1 Programs combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work, enabling students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years or less. 

By strengthening technical competence and distinguishing students among their peers, the program prepares students for success in an intensely competitive and global workforce, while enhancing their lifetime earning power. It is a cost-effective way to specialize in your field — paving the way for doctoral studies and a lifetime of intellectually stimulating work.

Graduating faster makes more cents!

ASU awards New American University scholarships, renewable for eight consecutive semesters, to incoming freshmen. If you complete your undergraduate degree in less than eight semesters, you may use any remaining scholarship award to pay for graduate courses as part of your accelerated +1 program.


Students are eligible to apply to the +1 program while enrolled at ASU, before they start their final two undergraduate semesters.To learn more about application timelines and requirements, current Fulton Schools students should contact their schools’ advising team.

All Fulton Schools of Engineering undergraduate programs offer a 4+1 option at Arizona State University.


Highly motivated high school students can capitalize on their Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Exam (CI), transfer coursework (or dual enrollment) (DE), ASU Prep Digital, Accelerate Engineering and Technology (AET), Engineering Fast Track (EFT) or Earned Admission (EA) credits to earn two degrees while at ASU. The 3+1 Path enables students to earn a bachelor’s in three years, and a master’s in one additional year. That’s the time it takes most people to get just one degree!

Use our 3+1 Maps and Tools to help you see if this accelerated path option is right for you!

A prospective student chats to current students during a virtual visit