Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU

portrait of Kyle Squires

Kyle Squires
Dean, Professor,
Vice Provost of Engineering, Computing and Technology

[email protected]
(480) 965-1730

Academic and research leadership

School directors

Vice deans

Portrait of Jim Collofello

James Collofello
Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

ASA Faculty
[email protected]
(480) 965-3733

portrait of Lenore Dai

Lenore Dai
Vice Dean of Faculty Administration

Fulton Schools Faculty
[email protected]
(480) 965-4112

Chief Science Officer

Area leadership

David Wahls

Interim Director
Business Engagement Catalyst
[email protected]
(480) 727-0827

Kelli Haren

Associate Director
Dean’s Office Operations
[email protected]

David Wahls

Executive Director
[email protected]
(480) 727-0827