Business Administration

Business Administration has fiscal and human resources oversight for the Fulton Schools of Engineering and its support units. The group also provides support for faculty hiring, faculty startup, onboarding for new staff, budgeting, purchasing and travel.

Staff Directory

Ashley Anderson, Associate Director
[email protected]

Pamela Brooks, Sr. Organizational Development Consultant
[email protected]

Margo Cabrera, Business Operations Specialist, Sr.
[email protected]

Lynn Carpenter, Director
[email protected]

Mark Cumptson, Business Operation Manager
[email protected]

Kim Davis, Business Operations Specialist, Sr.
[email protected]

Dustin Koontz, Business Operations Manager
[email protected]
480 965-6610

Gerri Lux, Associate Director
[email protected]

Joan Smith, Business Operations Specialist
[email protected]

Beau Yonge, Manager, Information Technology
[email protected]

Office Location

Dean’s Office Brickyard 6th floor
699 S. Mill Ave. Tempe AZ  85287

Fax:  480-965-4000

Campus mail code: 9309

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 879309
Tempe AZ  85287-9309

Business Administration and Research Administration Contacts

School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
Kayla Poffinbarger, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 480-965-5740

School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence
Beverly Naig, Assistant Director, [email protected], 480-965-6872
Joe Caudill, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 480-965-1250

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Cynthia Moayedpardazi, Business Operations Manager, Sr, [email protected], 480-965-5322
Ginger Rose, Business Operations Manager, [email protected], 480-965-5215

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
Susan Baldi, Business Operations Manager, [email protected], 480-965-9100
Kerry Schambach, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 480-727-9316

School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks
[email protected]

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Alicia Stiers, Assistant Director, [email protected], 480-965-8184
James Davis, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 480-727-4594

The Polytechnic School
Kelley McManus, Assistant Director, [email protected], 480-727-1747
Mariana Maldonado, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 480-727-5439

Academic and Student Affairs
Barbara Behrman, Business Operations Manager, Sr, [email protected], 480-965-2004
Natalia Seidel, Human Resources Manager, [email protected], 602-496-7115

Engineering Technical Services
Veronica Lupampa, Business Manager, Sr, [email protected], 480-965-9722

Global Outreach & Extended Education
Heather Irish, Business Operations Manager, [email protected], 480-727-4071