Undergraduate Fulton Ambassadors

Fulton Ambassadors are Fulton Schools students who volunteer their time to promote the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. We represent all undergraduate degree programs in the Fulton Schools and share the ASU experience from a student’s perspective. Want to see who our Fulton Ambassadors are? Explore our Fulton Ambassador Directory.

“Fulton Ambassadors is one of the many ways I am able to share my passion for engineering with others! When I was first touring ASU, hearing the students’ perspectives was the most influential aspect of my visit. Now, I love being that voice for others, sharing my engineering experiences and advice with prospective students and our larger community!”

Kelly Anderson

UGFA Tempe President

“I love being a Fulton Ambassador because I have the unique ability to help someone in a stage of life that can sometimes be tumultuous. There is something so special about helping someone realize that the Polytechnic campus is the right fit for them.” 

Rachael Shantz

UGFA Poly President

Meet a Fulton Ambassador

Spend some time chatting with a Fulton Ambassador and get all of your questions answered! Appointments are currently held via Zoom.  

Schedule a virtual high school visit

 We are proud to offer live, virtual visits to 9th-12th graders anywhere in the country! Teachers or school administrators can schedule a 1:1 visit for an individual class, student organization, extracurricular program, or the whole school. The goal of the visit is to answer any Fulton Schools of Engineering related questions while guiding your students to become better informed on their next steps towards their college education. Learn more about our visit options.

Fulton Ambassadors coffee chats

Join the Fulton Ambassadors in their very first podcast to hear about the differences between the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses, how to utilize tutoring and lab spaces, and how to network with faculty!

Each month the Fulton Ambassadors will share advice on different topics, such as how to choose a major, busting myths and misconceptions, how to get involved on campus, and how to be a successful engineering and technology student at ASU. 

A prospective student chats to current students during a virtual visit

Self-guided audio tours

Take our self-guided Fulton Schools Student Experience audio tours! Learn about programs and opportunities available to our Fulton Schools students, and where they spend most of their time on our Tempe and Polytechnic campuses. Explore our campuses.


Contact us today!

For information on how to join the Fulton Ambassadors or if you have questions about the opportunities available contact fulton.ambassadors@asu.edu


A prospective student chats to current students during a virtual visit