About the Fulton Schools Awards

Faculty Awards

See Faculty Awards Listing for award recipients, 2010-present.

Top 5% teaching award

Each year the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering recognizes excellence in instruction through selection of faculty to its annual Top 5% Teachers list. This list is generated based on consideration of student feedback for all engineering instructors and courses.

Teaching Excellence Award

This annual award recognizes one faculty member for excellence in quality and innovative instruction. Students nominations and feedback are reviewed by a faculty committee in determining these honors.

Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors

The Fulton Schools of Engineering seeks to build a culture amongst its faculty that enhances the translation of its innovations and the impact of its creative activities on the economy. To this end, this competitive appointment supports faculty members’ efforts as they relate to technology and product commercialization and the start-up of new companies. Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors are appointed for one- to two-year terms and may re-compete for subsequent appointments. Learn more about the Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors award

Daniel Jankowski Legacy Award

Awarded every two years, this award is one of the Fulton Schools’ highest faculty honors. A faculty committee selects recipients whose contributions in teaching, research and public service are considered significant in advancing the mission of the school. This award was established in 2006 to honor Daniel Jankowski’s distinguished academic career of 40 years as an engineering professor. Consistent with Jankowski’s own philosophy, the award places a particular emphasis on a strong academic component including student support, quality instruction and program development. Learn more about Daniel Jankowski Legacy Award

Student awards

Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in Electrical Engineering

The award is presented annually to the best graduating doctoral student in the electrical engineering program. Candidates must have a minimum 3.75 GPA and at least one journal or conference publication. Faculty members nominate students within the program each year. Professor Joseph Palais, longtime graduate program chair, and his wife Sandra established the Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in 2002. Learn more about the Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in Electrical Engineering 

Dean’s Dissertation Award

The Dean’s Office will award the Dean’s Dissertation Award to a Ph.D. candidate or recent Ph.D. graduate from the Fulton Schools of Engineering. Ph.D. students having graduated or are graduating within the period June 1 through May 31 of a given year are eligible. The nominees for this award will be determined by each school, with one nomination from each school forwarded for consideration by the Dean’s Executive Committee. Nominations to the Dean’s Office will be made by the Director of each School. The Dean’s Office will announce the winner in November of each academic year. 

Staff awards

IMPACT awards

These awards are designed to promote, recognize and reward excellence in contributions made to the Fulton Schools of Engineering and ASU. IMPACT award categories include excellence in innovation, mentoring, performance, achievement, customer service and teamwork. Learn more about IMPACT awards

Fulton Difference awards

The Fulton Difference Award recognizes a supervisor who, through their ability to motivate, communicate, inspire and develop their staff, has contributed to the Fulton Difference. Learn more about the Fulton Difference award

Convocation Awards

Outstanding Graduate Award

Each spring and fall semester faculty members select one undergraduate student from each engineering degree program as the program’s Outstanding Graduate. In addition, one undergraduate is selected in the spring semester to receive an award as the Arizona State Alumni Association Fulton Schools of Engineering Outstanding Graduate for the academic year. Students are designated as Outstanding Graduates based on their academic performance, both in classroom studies and in related research experience, and for their contributions to the success of student organizations and the Fulton Schools educational mission.

Impact Award*

Chosen upon graduation each spring and fall semester, distinguished graduates are honored for their significant contributions and accomplishments beyond the classroom. These students are recognized for excellence in one or more areas of research, leadership, public service and social entrepreneurship endeavors that have beneficially impacted the ASU community as well as larger communities in Arizona and elsewhere. Although designed for undergraduates, master’s students may also be nominated.
*Formerly named the “Distinguished Graduate Award.”



Outstanding Undergraduate

Impact Award

Convocation Speaker


3.40 GPA minimum

Undergraduates only

 Evidence of participation in Fulton and/or major-specific student engagement activities

 Community activities may be considered

3.25 GPA minimum

Designed for undergraduates, but master’s students may be nominated

Evidence of service towards the Fulton Difference or other university leadership roles

Community activities may be considered

3.25 GPA minimum

Undergraduate or graduate

Evidence of participation in Fulton Schools student engagement activities

Community activities may be considered

Consider the student’s verbal communication skills, “presence,” and prior experience in speaking in front of large audience

Number of Recipients

One Outstanding Undergraduate per program (24 total)

Each School nominates one “most outstanding” undergraduate

Carries gonfalon for their School

Nominated for Fulton Schools Outstanding Undergraduate (spring only)

Maximum of 10 students per semester (across Fulton Schools)

One speaker per ceremony in the spring (one speaker from SBHSE, ECEE OR SEMTE and one speaker from SCAI, SSEBE OR POLY); one speaker in the fall (all schools)

Selection Process

Outstanding Undergraduate selected by each program

Fulton Schools Outstanding Undergraduate selected by ASA committee from School nominees (spring only)

Nominations accepted from Schools and ASA

Selected by ASA committee

Nominations accepted from Schools and ASA

Selected by ASA committee