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Engineering Fast Track is a way to help high school students accelerate earning an engineering degree by taking one or multiple courses offered online.

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Information for teachers and educators

Through our flexible Engineering Fast Track facilitation models, students in high school have the unique opportunity to earn college credit without having to incur financial or GPA risks.

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Provide affordable college credit options

Low risk, low cost: Pay a $25 eligibility fee per student to take each course. Upon successful completion (“C” or higher) pay for ASU college credit at $400 per course, with up to one year to pay.

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Increase access to advanced college-level material, especially in the STEM fields

These online courses are semester-based and are offered on a  7.5 to 16-week format depending on the course. Courses are taught by ASU faculty members in their respective fields.

Accelerate your path to a degree

By successfully completing EFT courses, high school students will accelerate their time to degree by starting on a path to completing their degree in less than four years. Completing these classes while in high school significantly decreases the time and cost of earning a bachelor’s degree.

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Receive the STEM Record of Achievement

By completing  FSE100, CSE110, MAT265 and CHM114 (with a 3.0 GPA or higher), students can receive an a STEM Record of Achievement and get started on their way to an accelerated degree in the Fulton Schools!

High Schools can partner with us to offer these courses to their students through three modalities:

Individual Model

Students can sign up and take these courses outside of school, on their own time and own schedule.

Blended Teaching Model

A designated teacher receives curriculum ahead of time. Using the online curriculum, the teacher can help facilitate the course content and guide students in a traditional style classroom. The faculty on record and grades are assigned are through an ASU faculty member. *This is not dual enrollment.

Zero Hour/Supervised Model

Schools have the option to only use the ASU faculty member and the online curriculum for the course. Schools only provide a physical space with computers and supervision. Students complete work during scheduled class time but a teacher is not needed to help guide and facilitate the course. This is a great option for schools with limited teacher resources.
**Student work must be completed independently and all ASU Academic Integrity guidelines must be followed

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Easy access to review student progress via Partner portal

Schools who register for the Blended Teaching Model or Zero Hour/Supervised Model will have access to the Partner Portal, which allows administrative access to partner administrators to:

  • Request new student accounts and ASURITE IDs each session
  • View reports on student enrollments and progress
  • Access their invoices¬†

Learn more about how your school can offer these courses to your students

*To participate in a course, students must be enrolled two weeks before the course start date.