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Volunteer sign up is closed for 2021.

Volunteer to make the party great!

Network with faculty, staff, students, alumni and the local community while you work and get a free meal if you work more than three hours!

You may volunteer OR exhibit (not both)

If you are a member of a Fulton Student Org, you can either volunteer OR exhibit.

If your student org is hosting a table, then you are already registered as an exhibitor and may not also volunteer. If your student org isn’t participating as an exhibitor, then please sign up to volunteer!

Volunteering details

  • All volunteers working Friday, October 29 will receive a t-shirt and dean’s funding points!
  • All volunteers working Saturday, October 30 will receive a t-shirt, one pass for a meal at Tooker dining hall, unlimited snacks, plus dean’s funding points!
  • All volunteers working the “Event Strike” shift on Saturday, October 30 specifically will receive a special swag item on top of everything else!

Sign up for the spots you want now!