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Exhibitors make the Homecoming Block Party great!

Share your engineering spirit, or highlight your student org, by being an exhibitor at the Fulton Schools Block Party. 

We are hoping to display the some of the most promising advances in engineering research and showcase what our student organizations are working on at this event.

We welcome signup by student organizations, research labs and departments. This is an ideal opportunity to collect dean’s funding points. 

The Block Party is attended by everyone: students, parents, grandparents and families. This is your time to have fun! Keep things exciting by planning a hands-on activity or a demonstration.

The time of the game will not be released until a week prior. Once the time is released, you will be notified by Kristín Ólafs of the time and more detailed information regarding your participation as an exhibitor at this event. Regardless of the time, you should prepare to be at this event for at least 5 to 6 hours.

Should you have any questions or concerns as an exhibitor at this event, contact Kristín Ólafs at [email protected].

Not ready to exhibit? We need volunteers!