Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering

Director: Marco Santello
Tenured and tenure-track: 22
Research faculty: 2

Research foci
cardiovascular engineering; synthetic/computational biology; medical devices and diagnostics; neuroengineering; rehabilitation; regenerative medicine; imaging; molecular, cellular and tissue engineering; virtual reality healthcare delivery systems

Research expenditures: $4,412,330  (FY2013)

Degree programs
Biomedical Engineering (Harrington Bioengineering Program)

Fall 2013 Enrollment
Total: 930
Undergraduate: 771
Graduate: 159

School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Director Ronald Askin
Tenured and tenure-track 53
Full-time lecturers 11

Research foci
artificial intelligence; cyberphysical and embedded systems; health informatics; information assurance and security; information management/multimedia/visualization; network science; personalized learning/educational games; production logistics; software and systems engineering; statistical modeling and data mining

Research expenditures: $11,733,496  (FY2013)

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Director Stephen M. Phillips
Tenured and tenure-track 63

Research foci
power and energy systems; signal processing and communications; solid state devices and modeling; wireless communications and circuits; photovoltaics; biosignatures discovery automation; flexible electronics; nanostructures

Research expenditures: $33,707,903  (FY2013)

Degree programs
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Fall 2013 Enrollment
Total 2,003
Undergraduate 906
Graduate 1,097

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

Director Kyle Squires
Tenured and tenure-track 55
Full-time lecturers 4

Research foci
electronic materials and packaging; materials for energy (batteries); adaptive/intelligent materials and structures; multiscale fluid mechanics; membranes; therapeutics and bioseparations; flexible structures; nanostructured materials; micro/nano transport

Research expenditures: $17,452,632  (FY2013)

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Director G. Edward Gibson, Jr.
Tenured and tenure-track 39
Full-time lecturers 5

Research foci
water purification; transportation (safety and materials); construction management; environmental biotechnology; environmental nanotechnology; earth systems engineering ; and management; SMART innovations; project performance metrics; underground infrastructure

Research expenditures: $9,116,637  (FY2013)

Degree programs
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering
Construction Engineering
Construction Management – Del E. Webb School of Construction Programs

Fall 2013 Enrollment
Total 1,201
Undergraduate 938
Graduate 264

Polytechnic campus programs

Director,  Ann McKenna

Undergraduate degree programs:
Air Traffic Management
Air Transportation Management
Applied Science
Environmental Resource Management
Graphic Information Technology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Information Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Professional Flight
Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

Graduate degree programs:
Applied Psychology
Aviation Management and Human Factors
Environmental Technology Management
Global Technology and Entrepreneurship
Graphic Information Technology
Information Technology
Management of Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Simulation, Modeling, and Applied Cognitive Science, Ph.D.