Studying abroad in England was the most exhilarating adventure I have ever experienced. Living in a new country for an entire semester allowed me to fully absorb and appreciate their dynamic culture. Every day there was something new to discover and something exciting waiting to happen. One day I would be attending a Manchester United football match and the next I would be at a carnival for Bonfire Night. I truly got to immerse myself in their rich history archived within museums and monuments over centuries of years old.

A full English breakfast in England

The friendships I made in such a short span of time broadened my perspective of the world around me. I met fellow exchange students from every corner of the globe. Hailing from Italy to New Zealand, Germany to Hong Kong, we all shared in our cultural similarities and differences while bonding over this new journey. Studying abroad has helped me become competitive in the global job market by giving me a better insight into the global landscape itself and a better understanding of the professional practices outside of America. The courses I took introduced me to different ideologies and new approaches to old problems, expanding my frame of reference.

Victoria Dong wearing a Manchester United football team scarf

My time abroad has allowed me to grow as an individual as well. Faced with challenges here and there and left to my own devices I gained a better respect for myself and the choices I make. I cherish the opportunity I had and advocate for all who can to study abroad for it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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