I had a wonderful experience studying abroad! I chose Australia because it was a country you don’t hear many people going to… I decided to look into Macquarie University (the school I was attending) and saw it had a great program I was aiming for and the rest was history! I had met so many people and learned about so many different cultures! I met many other exchange students from all over the world and it was so interesting to hear about how their countries differ from Australia and the States.

Sydney Opera House

Going to Australia was a great chance to connect and learn about the world without going too far! The most important thing I learned while being abroad was adjustment and independence. I was left in a country where I knew absolutely no one… It had been my first time by myself and I had to learn my way around, how to cook, how to manage my school work, everything! It was a new start and adjusting was crucial to my trip.

Australian beach
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