Traveling to Japan on a Study Abroad trip was probably the best “out-of-my-comfort-zone” decision I’ve ever made. Despite being half-Japanese, I never seriously considered going to Japan until I was presented the opportunity to go on a Study Abroad trip and earn credit for my software engineering degree. I was able to experience the fast-paced, neon-lit culture of the heart of Tokyo. Even though the trip was for class credit, the trip makes sure that you don’t miss out on any experiences.

Alexander Baratti with his group of study abroad students in Japan

Our professor was amazing. He brought us Japanese snacks and treats during the class break and almost every class was accompanied with a field trip to tour somewhere with engineering-related significance, like the Nissan factory or a Japan Airlines hangar.

Alexander Baratti

Outside of class, I visited Tokyo Skytree, the Shibuya Scramble, and countless vending machines. I got to take exclusive tours, make new friends, try new foods, and gain an appreciation for every aspect of Japan’s unique lifestyle, all while learning new technologies and programming languages. It was something I instantly resonated with. It was an experience that gave me countless stories to tell and let me connect to my Japanese heritage in a brand new way. The trip also inspired me to start studying Japanese. Now, I look forward to going back to Japan to explore more of the country and what it has to offer.

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