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Housing and residential life for the Fulton Schools

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In the Fulton Schools we believe that your residential experience plays a large role in the success of you as a student. Whether you are a student living on-campus or commuting into campus each day, our residential life programs and staff will help you enrich your academic experience outside of the classroom.

From Peer Mentors, to Academic Success Nights and Career Readiness Workshops, our residential communities at the Tempe and Polytechnic Campus will provide you with opportunities to connect and engage with Fulton Schools’ resources, in an effort to develop you into innovative community leaders.

Campus-based programs

Here at ASU, our students are grouped into residential communities based on their academic program. Fulton Schools students will be based at the Tempe Campus or the Polytechnic Campus, based on the location of their degree program. 

Tempe Campus Residential Life Programs

Tooker House

Polytechnic Campus Residential Life Programs

Residential community staff

Meet your Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are upper-division Fulton Schools students who plan exciting and educational programs to keep students engaged in the community, connect their residents to ASU and Fulton Schools resources, and ensure the community is a great environment to thrive in.

These student leaders are an invaluable resource to help students chart their academic career, and they also know how to help make your undergraduate experience one to remember!

Learn more about your Peer Mentors

2023 peer mentors

Meet your student success and engagement staff

Trudi VanderPloeg
Associate Director, Student Success and Engagement

[email protected]

Tim Rooney
Manager, Student Success and Engagement
Polytechnic and Tempe campuses

[email protected]

Armani Wilder

Armani Wilder
Coordinator Senior, Student Success and Engagement
Polytechnic and Tempe campuses

[email protected]