Fulton Accelerated Community Engagement (FACE) Program

Developing diverse leaders within the Fulton Schools of Engineering
Several students clustered around and discussing a FACE presentation.

Engineering leaders to solve today’s problems

The FACE program is designed to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Create opportunities for students to engage in co- and extracurricular activities
  • Promote career and educational goal achievement

The FACE Program will start accepting applications for the 2024-2024 academic year soon! 

Please note that we will not start reviewing applications until the the beginning of September and decisions regarding admittance to the program will be released by mid- to late-September.

Check back soon for instructions on how to apply! 

As a result of participating in this program students will refine their leadership skills and deploy those skills by participating in various experiential learning opportunities.

Part 1: Learn

Fall Semester

Students will explore the answers to questions about themselves as a leader:

  • What do leaders do?
  • Why do you want to be a leader?
  • How do you become an inclusive leader?
  • Why is engineering identity important within leadership and how do you foster it? 

Students will participate in a series of activities:

  • Create a SMART Goal for the academic year
  • Begin investigation of framework of engineering leadership identity and systems thinking
  • Identify and explore the application of your top five Clifton Strengths 
  • Practice public speaking 
  • Engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion and identify their applications within leadership
  • Identify leadership within a Fulton Student Organization (FSO) by observing an FSO meeting
  • Begin collaboration on a year-long engineering challenge project within their assigned small group

By the end of the Fall term, students will demonstrate knowledge of the framework of engineering leadership identity, systems thinking, and relational understanding of leadership.

Part 2: Engage

Spring Semester

Students will:

  • Explore what inclusive leadership looks like in practice
  • Apply what they learned in Part 1

Students will participate in a series of activities:

  • dentify their current network and create a mindmap
  • Continue collaboration on year-long engineering challenge project within their assigned small group
  • Conduct informational interviews and reflections with a current Fulton student leader
  • Engage with the Fulton Difference
  • Practice creating technical engineering resumes and cover letters with respect to highlighting leadership experience
  • Conduct a guided literature review of inclusive leadership and identify/suggest novel applications of relational understanding of leadership
  • Create and present a poster for the end of semester poster session/symposium

By the end of the Spring term, students will continue developing their own inclusive engineering leadership profile. Students are encourged to apply for a paid Fulton student leadership position for the upcoming Fall term. 


What is the FACE program?

The Fulton Accelerated Community Engagement (FACE) program is a new program that was introduced to the Fulton Schools of Engineering in Fall 2022. It is a year-long program where students can be paid to develop their leadership skills and experience what it takes to be a successful Fulton student leader.

Am I eligible for this program?

In order to participate in this program, you must be a full-time first year student pursuing a bachelor’s with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. 

We highly encourage all students to apply to this program. If you are interested in this program, but are unsure if you meet these qualifications, please contact [email protected].

How does this benefit me, as a student?

Students will:

  • Receive a $2000 stipend ($1000 at the conclusion of Fall term and $1000 at the conclusion of the Spring term)
  • Develop and describe their own leadership profile
  • Articulate the value of being a Fulton Schools Student
  • Reflect upon the application of their leadership skills
  • Secure a paid, on-campus student leader position

What is the time commitment?

Students will spend about 5 hours per week engaging with the program.

Is this opportunity online or in-person?

The FACE program is an in-person opportunity and is facilitated online via Canvas, one of the world’s fastest growing learning management systems. The platform enables students to access our resources on almost any device, from nearly any location around the world, whenever it’s convenient for your schedules. Canvas is the learning management system you will be using for the rest of your academic career at ASU.

We will have in-person opportunities, hosted by our Peer Leaders, for community building and further leadership development. 

When are applications due by?

Our applications will close on September 1, 2023 at 11:59PM. Any applications submitted after that timeframe will not be considered.

Who are the Peer Leaders?

The FACE Peer Leaders are second-year students who participated and finished the FACE program the past academic year. Their role is to help guide you and help you implement what you are learning during the program. 

When should I expect to hear back by?

You should expect to hear back from us by mid-September. If you have not heard back at that time, please reach out to [email protected].

Student Testimonials

This program has served as an excellent introduction to the Fulton community, and in particular, I found it to be a great way to increase interest and involvement in Fulton student leadership positions and other important roles.

FACE opened my eyes to what being a leader and an engineer means.

FACE helped me improve my leadership and communication skills as well as identify my strengths and weaknesses.

Contact us

Jesús Chávez

Coordinator Senior, Student Success and Engagement

E: [email protected]

Stephanie Becerra

Management Intern, Student Success and Engagement

E: [email protected]

Jennifer (Jenny) Wong

Director of FACE, Academic and Student Affairs
E: [email protected]