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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) and ASU 101 Section Leader program selects successful undergraduate students to serve as teaching assistants in a variety of classes offered by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. We aim to place a UGTA or Section Leader in every section of ASU 101, FSE 100, and EGR 101 class to assist faculty members with exploratory and collaborative learning activities.  UGTAs and Section Leaders act as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment, help freshmen to navigate the institution, promote self-confidence and self-reliance, act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success, and may hold office hours and review sessions.

Spend about 5 hours per week assisting a faculty member in the classroom or lab
Meet with your faculty member on a regular basis to prepare for activities
Enroll in and complete FSE 201: Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (1 unit) the semester you serve as a UGTA

Improve communication and leadership skills
Develop a working relationship with a faculty member and students in your program
Earn valuable experience for your resume
Get recognized at an appreciation dinner with the Schools’ leadership
Earn course credit on your transcript
UGTAs receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of the semester
ASU 101 Section Leaders receive a $500 stipend per section (max of two sections for $1,000) at the end of the semester

Sophomore, junior, or senior academic level|
Academic good standing with no Academic Integrity Policy violations
For most assignments, UGTAs must have completed the course with a grade of “B” or higher

Nicolle Sánchez

Apply now!

Interested to become a UGTA or ASU101 Section Leader? 

Apply Now! Complete an application for a position by December 19, 2016 at 12pm noon (deadline).

Link to UGTA application portal: 

Meet the ASU 101 Section Leaders
SectionMajorDayTimeInstructorSection Leader
83699AEEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMDahm, WernerWalworth, James
83700AEEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMHerrmann, MarcusCleary, Spencer
83701AEEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMPeet, MatthewAskins, Matthew
83702AEEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMPeet, MatthewBuckley, Alexander
83703AEEM1:30 PM-2:20 PMWhite, DanielBuckley, Alexander
83704AEEM4:30 PM-5:20 PMStaffKim, Alexander
83705AEEM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMTakahashi, TimStone, Nathan
83706AEEM1:30 PM-2:20 PMMignolet, MarcAskins, Matthew
83707AEEM7:30 AM-8:20 AMSquires, KyleDieterle, Cole
85667AEEF10:30 AM-11:20 AMWells, ValanaO'Rourke, Christopher
90056AEEW4:30 PM-5:20 PMChattopadhyay, AditiCleary, Spencer
75636BMET3:00 PM- 3:50 PMAbbas, JimDel Rosario, Joseph
75637BMETh3:00 PM- 3:50 PMGarcia, AntonioDel Rosario, Joseph
75640BMET1:00 PM- 1:50 PMBrafman, DavidCulhane, Connor
75641BMET2:00 PM- 2:50 PMBuneo, ChrisMoloi, Zazu
75642BMET12:00 PM- 12:50 PMCaplan, MichaelSteinhauff, Douglas
79283BMEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMPizziconi, VincentMarley, Allison
79284BMEM1:00 PM- 1:50 PMStabenfeldt, SarahMoloi, Zazu
79286BMEM2:00 PM- 2:50 PMMuthuswamy, JitendranVaka, Ujwala
79288BMEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMassia, StephenSwitzer, Hannah
79290BMETh9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLaBelle, JeffreyTielke, Austin
79292BMETh11:00 AM- 11:50AMVernon, BrentKramer, Kaleia
79293BMETh12:00 PM- 12:50 PMHoneycutt, ClaireVan Putten, Alison
79295BMEF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLockhart, ThurmonVaka, Ujwala
79297BMEF11:00 AM- 11:50AMSmith, BarbaraSwitzer, Hannah
83124BMEW1:00 PM- 1:50 PMHelms Tillery, StephenMarley, Allison
83125BMEW2:00 PM- 2:50 PMGreger, BradleyKramer, Kaleia
83126BMETh2:00 PM- 2:50 PMWang, XiaoSteinhauff, Douglas
88117BMEF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMHaynes, KarmellaMousa, Mohammad
88335BMEF10:00 AM- 10:50AMKodibagkar, VikramCulhane, Connor
75830CEEF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMGibson, GeorgeLauber, Emily
75835CEEW9:00 AM- 9:50 AMAbbaszadegan, Morteza Smith, Casey
75836CEEF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMAbbaszadegan, Morteza Smith, Casey
75837CEEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMFox, PeterDoidge, Sydney
75839CEEF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMFraser, Matthew Doidge, Sydney
78280CEETh4:30 PM-5:20 PMMamlouk, MichaelWoodman, Daniel
83179CEET9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLawrence, ChristopherLauber, Emily
83181CEET4:30 PM-5:20 PMLawrence, ChristopherWoodman, Daniel
75767CHEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMForzani, EricaDavis, Kristin
75768CHEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMBurrows, VeronicaDavis, Kristin
75769CHEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMNannenga, BrentGualtieri, Alessandra
75770CHEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMBurrows, VeronicaSipe, Joana
75771CHEM1:30 PM-2:20 PMLind, Mary LauraNguyen, Tony
75772CHEW1:30 PM-2:20 PMTaylor, DavidSipe, Joana
78044CHEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMTaylor, DavidCard, Emma
78151CHEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMu, BinReyes, Edward
80707CHEF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMBurrows, VeronicaMcDonald, Lauren
80712CHEW1:30 PM-2:20 PMBurrows, VeronicaCard, Emma
92766CHET3:00 PM- 3:50 PMDeng, ShuguangMcDonald, Lauren
93053CHETh11:00 AM- 11:50AMAndino, JeanDimmick, Hayley
75832CONM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMChasey, AllanFoulk, Derek
75840CONF10:30 AM-11:20 AMGibson, GeorgeFoulk, Derek
75678CSEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMJones, IsaacBaird, James
75707CSEW9:00 AM- 9:50 AMBagade, PriyankaBaird, James
75708CSEF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMHeath, CoreyNegri, Andrew
75709CSET9:00 AM- 9:50 AMJones, IsaacLiang, Jing
75710CSETH9:00 AM- 9:50 AMBrigade, ScottLiang, Jing
75711CSEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMMeuth, RyanKhan, Sumbal
75712CSEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMBagade, PriyankaLiu, Deming
75713CSEF10:30 AM-11:20 AMHeath, CoreyLiu, Deming
75714CSET10:30 AM-11:20 AMJones, IsaacHuff, Christina
75715CSETH10:30 AM-11:20 AMTrickel, ErikHuff, Christina
75716CSEM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMJones, IsaacLiu, Eric
75717CSEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMTrickel, ErikLiu, Eric
75718CSEF3:00 PM- 3:50 PMBrigade, ScottHancock, Austin
76489CSET3:00 PM- 3:50 PMTadayon, RaminGutierrez, Mauricio
76849CSETH3:00 PM- 3:50 PMTadayon, RaminGutierrez, Mauricio
78146CSEM1:30 PM-2:20 PMJones, IsaacSoledad, Ivan
78147CSEW1:30 PM-2:20 PMTadayon, RaminSoledad, Ivan
78977CSEF1:30 PM-2:20 PMBrigade, ScottHancock, Austin
78978CSET1:30 PM-2:20 PMBrigade, ScottPaul, Jackson
78979CSETH1:30 PM-2:20 PMBrigade, ScottPaul, Jackson
81863CSEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMTrickel, ErikAi, Sichun
81864CSEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMTadayon, RaminAi, Sichun
81865CSEF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMHeath, CoreyJing, Betty
87531CSEM4:30 PM-5:20 PMJones, IsaacBui, Ngoc An
87532CSEW4:30 PM-5:20 PMBagade, PriyankaBui, Ngoc An
87533CSEF4:30 PM-5:20 PMBrigade, ScottJing, Betty
87534CSET4:30 PM-5:20 PMTadayon, RaminHickie, Kendall
87535CSETH4:30 PM-5:20 PMTadayon, RaminHickie, Kendall
CSET3:00 PM- 3:50 PMWhitehouse, RichardNegri, Andrew
90828CSEM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMWhitehouse, RichardZavala, Miguel
90830CSEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMWhitehouse, RichardMcQuarrie, Duncan
91141CTI- AMTW4:30 PM-5:20 PMLatham, VerneIrvin, Samuel
92798CTI- AMTW4:30 PM-5:20 PMLatham, VerneIrvin, Samuel
91442CTI- AMTW4:30 PM-5:20 PMLatham, VerneFonseca, Juan
91443CTI- AMTW4:30 PM-5:20 PMLatham, VerneFonseca, Juan
92670CTI- AMTW4:30 PM-5:20 PMLatham, VerneFonseca, Juan
90155CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90156CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90157CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90167CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90168CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90169CTI-EGRF9:00 AM- 9:50 AMLewis, SharonEisen, Bryan
90158CTI-EGRF10:30 AM-11:20 AMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90159CTI-EGRF10:30 AM-11:20 AMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90160CTI-EGRF10:30 AM-11:20 AMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90163CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90164CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90165CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMLewis, SharonGingras, Jantzen
90175CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMorrell, DarrylTrang, Brendan
90176CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMorrell, DarrylTrang, Brendan
90177CTI-EGRF12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMorrell, DarrylTrang, Brendan
90161CTI-GITM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMDolin, Penny AnnHalkovic, Christopher
90691CTI-GITM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMDolin, Penny AnnHalkovic, Christopher
90153CTI-IFTM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMHelm, JimDudzinski, Travis
90166CTI-IFTW9:00 AM- 9:50 AMHelm, JimDudzinski, Travis
90173CTI-PSYTH10:30 AM-11:20 AMCooke, NancyFleming, Christine
90154CTI-TEM/ERMF10:30 AM-11:20 AMOlson, Larry & Hirata, CarolynSarceda, Jessica
90179CTI-TEM/ERMF10:30 AM-11:20 AMOlson, Larry & Hirata, CarolynSarceda, Jessica
76050EEEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMSchonaerts, HeatherAlakbarova, Ulkar
76066EEETH12:00 PM- 12:50 PMThornton, TrevorYamamoto, Stephanie
76067EEEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMPangasa, RakeshAlakbarova, Ulkar
76068EEET10:30 AM-11:20 AMThornton, TrevorCurry, Milan
76069EEET1:30 PM-2:20 PMChickamenahalli, ShamalaYamamoto, Stephanie
76549EEEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMSchonaerts, HeatherLin, Richard
76550EEEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMPangasa, RakeshLin, Richard
82791EEET12:00 PM- 12:50 PMThornton, TrevorSteeno, Cassandra
82795EEETH10:30 AM-11:20 AMChickamenahalli, ShamalaCurry, Milan
89085EEETH10:30 AM-11:20 AMNing , Cun-ZhengJohnson, Miles
93162EEETH1:30 PM-2:20 PMChickamenahalli, ShamalaJohnson, Miles
90068FSET3:00 PM- 3:50 PMMiller, PhillipVan Putten, Alison
90069FSETH3:00 PM- 3:50 PMBaumann, AliciaWoods, Quintin
90070FSEM3:00 PM- 3:50 PMWang, ChaoThelakkaden, Melby
90071FSEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMMertz, BenjaminGualtieri, Alessandra
75679IEEM10:40 AM-11:30 AMMcCarville, DanKrieger, Skyler
75719IEEW10:40 AM-11:30 AMMcCarville, DanRoot, Shawn
81861IEET12:00 PM- 12:50 PMMcCarville, DanGlavin, Erin
83708MEEW9:00 AM- 9:50 AMCalhoun, RonHolguin, Evelyn
83709MEEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMOswald, JayWhite, Shawn
83711MEEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMShah, JamiWhite, Shawn
83712MEEW1:30 PM-2:20 PMLiao, YabinHuber, Erin
83713MEEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMHuang, Huei-PingHolguin, Evelyn
83714MEEW9:00 AM- 9:50 AMRykaczewski, KonradWalworth, James
83715MEEW4:30 PM-5:20 PMGest, WilliamKim, Alexander
83717MEEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMRajagopalan, JagannathanKostecki, William
83719MEEW7:30 AM-8:20 AMBerman, SpringPalermo, Marissa
83720MEEW1:30 PM-2:20 PMJiang, HanqingKostecki, William
83721MEEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMMiddleton, JimPalermo, Marissa
85431MEEM7:30 AM-8:20 AMHildreth, OwenSchimpp, Joseph
85436MEEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMArtemiadis, PanagiotisStone, Nathan
85538MEEM12:00 PM- 12:50 PMSolanki, KiranSchimpp, Joseph
85539MEEW12:00 PM- 12:50 PMChen, KangpingHuber, Erin
85665MEEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMWang, LipingViton, Alexa
85868MEEW10:30 AM-11:20 AMPeralta, PedroViton, Alexa
90055MEEW3:00 PM- 3:50 PMRen, YiReyes, Jonathan
92888MEEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMSquires, KyleReyes, Jonathan
78073MSEM10:30 AM-11:20 AMAdams & NewmanBertram, Michelle
92793MSEM9:00 AM- 9:50 AMAdams & NewmanBertram, Michelle
Meet the UGTAs
CourseCourse TitleInstructorStudent Name 
AEE325Aerospace Structures and MaterialsTakahashiJeffreyKirkman
BME 235Physiology for Engineers LabCoursenAlexanderCarpentieri
BME 235Physiology for Engineers LabCoursenKyleLabban
BME 235Physiology for Engineers LabCoursenAimenVanood
BME 235Physiology for Engineers LabCoursenTroyKozlowski 
BME 235Physiol for Engineers LabCoursenUjwalaVaka
BME 235Physiol for Engineers LabCoursenAlexLam
BME 350Signals and Systems for BioengineersKodibagkarCatherineMillar-Haskell
BME 350Signals and Systems for BioengineersKodibagkarLainaMousallem
BME 382Biomedical Prod Dsgn & Dev III(Lab)La BelleKatelynConrad
BME 382Biomedical Prod Dsgn & Dev III(Lab)La BelleColinBarry
BME 382Biomedical Prod Dsgn & Dev III(Lab)La BelleJeremyMatusek
BME 382Biomedical Prod Dsgn & Dev III(Lab)La BelleHeatherBorgard
BME 382Biomedical Prod Dsgn & Dev III(Lab)La BelleMayuriGupta
BME100Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringAnkenyJessicaSchiltz
BME100Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringAnkenyJohnTempleton
BME100Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringKleimMatsemela (Zazu)Moloi
BME100Introduction To Biomedical EngineeringKleimLisaIrimata
BME100Introduction To Biomedical EngineeringKleimKristenOkada
BME200Conservation Principles in biomedical engineeringVernonDuranCharles
BME200Conservation Principles in biomedical engineeringVernonRicki  Ceton
BME282Biomedical Product Design & Development IICaplanKatherineHemzacek
BME282Biomedical Product Design & Development IICaplanTiffanyPifher
BME282Biomedical Product Design & Development IICaplanAlyssaOberman
BME301Numerical Methods in BMEWangDouglasSteinhauff
BME318BiomaterialsAnkenyJosephDel Rosario
BME318Biomaterials (lecture)StabenfeldtBryceMunter
BME318Biomaterials Lab Section 2StabenfeldtJosephSansone
BME318Biomaterials Lab Section 2StabenfeldtCarsonBridgers
BME318Biomaterials Lab Section 2StabenfeldtMatthewMortensen
BME322Statistics for Biomedical EngineersAnkenyHannahHoreczko
BME322Statistics for Biomedical EngineersAnkenyShemalShukla
BME322Statistics for Biomedical EngineersAnkenyMeernaMuradvich
BME331Transport PhenomenaAnkenyScottJohnson
BME331Transport PhenomenaAnkenyHiramRivera-Passapera
BME331Transport PhenomenaAnkenyChrisZeigler
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceJayBarraza
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceSamanthaDell'Armi
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceFlysVictoria
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceRidleyBrooke
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceCristianCastillo
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceKeryPrettyman
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceAshleyArchambault
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceEnriqueGastelum
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceMollyHopcraft
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsBaisley/LawrenceMirandaRuff
CEE 210Engr Mechanics I: StaticsHjelmstad/BaisleyBrandonOlson
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyAmorynSmith
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyAustinKirkpatrick
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyKristianSantana
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyAllisonJessica
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyBrabenderNick
CEE 212Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsHjelmstad/BaisleyLanceBriley
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsBaisley/Hjelmstad/MobasherDylanCuret
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsBaisley/Hjelmstad/MobasherAustinOlaiz
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsBaisley/Hjelmstad/MobasherAustinAguinaga
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsBaisley/Hjelmstad/MobasherKyleMarshall
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsBaisley/Hjelmstad/MobasherStevenSherant
CEE 213Intro to Deformable SolidsHjelmstad/BaisleyJacobBauchmoyer
CEE 300Engineering Business PracticeSeagerLoganSmith
CEE 300Engineering Business PracticeSeagerNeil Tugaoen
CEE 300Engineering Business PracticeSeagerAmandaKerr
CEE 300Engineering Business PracticeSeagerKaleAziz
CEE 300Engineering Business PracticeSeagerTrevorWeihing
CEE 361Introduction to Environmental EnginneringKrajmalnik-BrownMackenzieHagan
CEE 400Earth Systems EngrLandisTristianTrevino
CEE 400Earth Systems EngrLandisAmandaBateson
CEE281CEE281 SurveyingAurelichThomasMyzia
CEE321Structural Analysis & DesignRajanJoshuaRobbins
CEE321Structural Analysis & DesignRajanStevenSherant
CEE341Fluid Mechanics for Civil EngineersFoxAndresHernandez
CEE351Geotechnical EngineeringLawrenceJan JosephBitoon
CEE351Geotechnical EngineeringLawrenceGenaroContreras 
CEE353Civil Engineering MaterialsNeithalath/UnderwoodAryanaNaghipour
CEE353Civil Engineering MaterialsNeithalath/UnderwoodJamesMeyer
CEE353Civil Engineering MaterialsNeithalath/UnderwoodMiriamWoolley
CEE353Civil Engineering MaterialsNeithalath/UnderwoodZacharyKopp
CEE353Civil Engineering MaterialsNeithalath/UnderwoodAnhLe
CHE 334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassLindAlaOmer
CHE 334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassLindMadisonKlug
CHE 334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassLindDanielHerschel 
CHE334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassMuGregHaak
CHE334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassMuJuliaFisher
CHE334Introduction to Transport Phenomena II - Heat & MassMuBrettToronto
CON 100Introduction to ConstructionErnzenAbbyBoaz
CON 100Introduction to ConstructionErnzenShaneOmalley 
CON 221StaticsKashiwagiSeanOsborne
CON 244Working Drawing AnalysisWeaverErikaWhite
CON 294Deductive Logic Leadership/Management techniquesKashiwagiThomasWojtas
CON 494Information Measurement Theory IKashiwagiShawnRoot
CON251Computer Applications For ConstructionTangMirandaRetelle
CON251Computer Applications For ConstructionTangThomasFyffe
CON383Construction EstimatingSullivanAndrewOrtiz
CPI101Introduction to InformaticsAtkinsonNicholasPusec
CSE 240Intro to Programming LanguagesChengGarretGutierrez
CSE 340Programming LanguagesBazziAmyBaldwin
CSE 340Programming LanguagesBazziMaddisonMeier
CSE 340Programming LanguagesBazziJosephNorth
CSE 450Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsRichaDerrick (Kiarash)Rahbar
CSE/EEE120Digital Design FundamentalsGoryllGarryGearhart
CSE/EEE230Computer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingNakamuraTylerSomers
CSE100Principles of programming with C++BurgerBrandonKral
CSE100Principles of programming with C++BurgerRaymond Barakat
CSE100Principles of programming with C++BurgerPeterJohnson
CSE100Principles of Programming with C++GottesmanMatthewCalcote
CSE100Principles of Programming with C++GottesmanBeneilEisavi 
CSE110Prin of Programming with JavaGroverGuillermoCruz
CSE110Prin of Programming with JavaGroverLeonardoAndrade Osorio 
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaKobayashiKevin Liao
CSE110Prin of Programming with JavaLuboldVanessaBedolla
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaMayronTaylorMeeks
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaMayronAmyMazzola
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaMayronTaylorQuenneville
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaTadayon-NavabiManasiKhadikar
CSE110Principles of Programming with JavaTadayon-NavabiBaijunJiang 
CSE205Object Oriented Programming & Data StructureFengNicholasTran
CSE205Object Oriented Programming & Data StructureFengDavid Ganey
CSE205Object Oriented Programming & Data StructuresTadayon-NavabiJakeKrammer
CSE220Programming For Computer EngineeringNelsonLeslieTang
CSE220Programming For Computer EngineeringNelsonSami Harfouch
CSE230Computr Org/Assembly Lang ProgChenAdamLew
CSE230Computer ArchitectureMeuthKatherineGosse
CSE230Computer ArchitectureMeuthNathanOgata
CSE240Intro to ProgrammingChenGennaroDe Luca
CSE240Intro to ProgrammingChenGrantMarshall
CSE310Data Structures and AlgorithmsNakamuraDanaJohnson
CSE310Data Structures and AlgorithmsNakamuraXiaoWang
CSE310Data Structures and AlgorithmsNakamuraJohn (JJ)Robertson
CSE325Embedded microprocessor systemsBurgerKyle Rota
CSE325Embedded microprocessor systemsBurgerMegan Plachecki
CSE340Principles of Programming LangGonzalez SanchezStevenLombardi
CST100Object-Oriented Software DevWhitehousePriscillaSiquieros
CST100Object-Oriented Software DevWhitehouseMichaelHowell
CST100Object-Oriented Software DevWhitehouseTylerKeeling
CST100Object-Oriented Software DevWhitehouseCrystal  Gutierrez
CST100Object-Oriented Software DevWhitehouseKellieWatson
CST315CST315 Software Enterprise III: Tools and ProcessGaryJordanGuymon
EEE/CSE 120Digital Design FundamentalsReissleinAlexLucas
EEE/CSE 120Digital Design FundamentalsReissleinOscarVazquez 
EGR 101Found of Eng Design Proj ILandeJamesFaucher
EGR 201Use-inspired design projectCarberryRandiTaylor
EGR 201Use-inspired design projectCarberryDavidYork
EGR 201Fall Multidisciplinary ProjectSugarRafael Soldevila
EGR 304/305Electrical and Robotic Systems Project IJordanNicoRadda
EGR202Use-Inspired Design Project IILandeSamanthaTwet
EGR455Robotics Systems ProjectSodemannJoshuaKosar
FSE 194EPICS Gold 1ShrakeChristianWiles
FSE 194EPICS Gold 1ShrakeMorganKelley
FSE 494EPICS Gold Epics in ActionShrakeMeghanHebel
FSE 494EPICS Gold EPICS in ActionShrakeShardulGolwalkar
FSE 494EPICS Gold EPICS in ActionShrakeKaleiaKramer
FSE 494EPICS gold: EPICS in ActionShrakeHaleyTibbs
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringWardWeiLiang Hii
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringWardIvanBonilla
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringWardRyanKarns
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringAbbaszadeganMunirah Alsubait
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringHottleJake Andresen
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringGrewalJeffrey Tenney
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringZhuMichael Amato-Yarbrough
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMertzGalen Arnold
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringC. WangRavi Patel
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringBaumannLogan Drda
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMertzSepidehJafarzdeh
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringTrowbridgeGarrett Heuer
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringC. WangKaitlyn Law
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringTrowbridgeNathanTappendorf
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringZhuAnikki Giessler
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringGaneshJoseph Vasquez
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringGrewalRachael Tjahjo
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringHarrisLyle Bliss
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringC. WangAnthonyMiccarelli 
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMertzMilanCurry
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringZhuDawsonCannon 
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringBensonMichael Gurczak
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMiddletonHayleyDimmick
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringAdamsMichaelMoorehead
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringGrewalMelby AnnThelakkaden 
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringGrewalCurtis Swift
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringBaumannRobert Heng
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringHarrisBrett Gadberry
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringTronessIreenKhan
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringBaumannBruceButterfield
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringKoselerDerek Ong
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringSharmaMichael Storto
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMeuthDanielle Vanica
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMillerAli Rafiq
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMillerJake Krammer
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringNazerSukwhaKyung 
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringZhangAdamLew
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMillerJoshua Baldwin
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMeuthDanielYo 
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringMeuthMichaelReichstein
FSE100Introduction to Engineeringde ArmasCasey Buto
FSE100Introduction to EngineeringHidalgo / PontetKaren Lopez
FSE194Perspectives on Grand Challenges for EngineeringTrowbridgeKaleighJohnson
FSE194Perspectives on Grand Challenges for EngineeringTrowbridgeZeynepAyla
FSE194Perspectives on Grand Challenges for EngineeringTrowbridgeAngelArmenta
FSE394FSE 394 Transfer Success in EngineeringC. Wang, A. Baumann, H. ZhuDerekFoulk
FSE394FSE 394 Transfer Success in EngineeringB. Mertz, R. Meuth, C. Wang, A. BaumannJesseKlein
HON 394Deductive Logic Leadership/Management techniquesKashiwagiFabianFink
HON 494Information Measurement Theory IKashiwagiJosephKashiwagi
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinOmar Madrigal
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinSanket Dhamala
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinDaniel Nyx
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinRisa Rahman
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinSydney Deist
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinDanielleGoossens
IEE 380Prob and Stats for Eng Problem SolvingChattinEmilyBerk
IEE 385Engineering Statistics - ProbabilityChattinHussainZadah
IEE 421Urban Operations ResearchChattinMichaelSwahn 
IEE 461Production ControlChattinKyle Brue
IEE210Introduction to Industrial EngineeringCloughMatthewOtis
IEE210Introduction to Industrial EngineeringCloughKatherineReyes
IEE210Introduction to Industrial EngineeringCloughDonGreen
MSE356Structs,Properties&Defects LabAnwarCruzHernandez
MSE415Math/Computer Mthds-MaterialsAnwarBethanySmith

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes use UGTAs?
UGTAs are hired to work in undergraduate classes offered with a Fulton Schools prefix (i.e. FSE, BME, CEE, CSE, CST, GIT, EGR, EEE, MAE, TEM). We aim to place a UGTA in every ASU 101, FSE 100, and EGR 101 class and prioritize these and other first-year classes. Instructors must use active and collaborative activities in their class to be eligible for a UGTA. We do not hire UGTAs for classes offered through other departments at ASU (i.e. math, physics, chemistry, biology).

What is the difference between an ASU 101 Section Leader and a UGTA?
Section Leaders only work in ASU 101 classes, receive specific training about the ASU 101 curriculum, and are expected to teach several class sessions throughout the semester. Section Leaders who serve in one ASU 101 class (2-3 hours per week) earn a $500 stipend, and Section Leaders who serve in two ASU 101 classes (5 hours per week) earn a $1,000 stipend. UGTAs work in all other Fulton Schools classes.  UGTAs work directly with the course instructor for class-specific training and to define their role in the lab, lecture, or recitation section.  UGTAs work about five hours per week and earn a $1,000 stipend.

Can I serve as a UGTA for more than one class?
Students may serve as an ASU 101 Section Leader and as a UGTA. Section Leaders work with a maximum of two classes, and UGTAs work with a maximum of one class.  We encourage to serve in both roles!

If I serve as an ASU 101 Section Leader and a UGTA for another class, do I receive two stipends?
Absolutely! If student works as a UGTA for one class and ASU 101 Section Leader for two sections, the student will earn two $1,000 stipends ($2,000 total that semester).

Can I be a UGTA for a class that is not listed on the application?
Yes, every semester we receive requests for UGTAs from faculty members in most majors. We hire qualified applicants to serve as UGTAs for any courses they have taken and are offered during their scheduled availability.

Can I apply to be a UGTA for a specific class?
Yes! If there’s a specific class for which you want to be a UGTA, talk with the professor. We are happy to accommodate requests from faculty members. You may also list course numbers or instructors when answering the question “For what other classes are you interested in serving as a UGTA?” on the UGTA Application.

Can a graduate student serve as a UGTA or ASU 101 Section Leader?
No, these positions are for undergraduate students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering only.