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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
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Undergraduate teaching assistant

Undergraduate teaching assistant

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) and ASU 101 Section Leader program selects successful undergraduate students to serve as teaching assistants in a variety of classes offered by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. We aim to place a UGTA or Section Leader in every section of ASU 101, FSE 100, and EGR 101 class to assist faculty members with exploratory and collaborative learning activities.  UGTAs and Section Leaders act as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment, help freshmen to navigate the institution, promote self-confidence and self-reliance, act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success, and may hold office hours and review sessions.


  • Spend about 5 hours per week assisting a faculty member in the classroom or lab
  • Meet with your faculty member on a regular basis to prepare for activities
  • Enroll in and complete FSE 201: Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (1 unit) the semester you serve as a UGTA


  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Develop a working relationship with a faculty member and students in your program
  • Earn valuable experience for your resume
  • Get recognized at an appreciation dinner with the Schools’ leadership
  • Earn course credit on your transcript
  • UGTAs receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of the semester
  • ASU 101 Section Leaders receive a $500 stipend per section (max of two sections for $1,000) at the end of the semester


  • Sophomore, junior, or senior academic level|
  • Academic good standing with no Academic Integrity Policy violations
  • For most assignments, UGTAs must have completed the course with a grade of “B” or higher

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Interested to become a UGTA or ASU101 Section Leader? 


Nicolle Sánchez

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes use UGTAs?
UGTAs are hired to work in undergraduate classes offered with a Fulton Schools prefix (i.e. FSE, BME, CEE, CSE, CST, GIT, EGR, EEE, MAE, TEM). We aim to place a UGTA in every ASU 101, FSE 100, and EGR 101 class and prioritize these and other first-year classes. Instructors must use active and collaborative activities in their class to be eligible for a UGTA. We do not hire UGTAs for classes offered through other departments at ASU (i.e. math, physics, chemistry, biology).

What is the difference between an ASU 101 Section Leader and a UGTA?
Section Leaders only work in ASU 101 classes, receive specific training about the ASU 101 curriculum, and are expected to teach several class sessions throughout the semester. Section Leaders who serve in one ASU 101 class (2-3 hours per week) earn a $500 stipend, and Section Leaders who serve in two ASU 101 classes (5 hours per week) earn a $1,000 stipend. UGTAs work in all other Fulton Schools classes.  UGTAs work directly with the course instructor for class-specific training and to define their role in the lab, lecture, or recitation section.  UGTAs work about five hours per week and earn a $1,000 stipend.

Can I serve as a UGTA for more than one class?
Students may serve as an ASU 101 Section Leader and as a UGTA. Section Leaders work with a maximum of two classes, and UGTAs work with a maximum of one class.  We encourage to serve in both roles!

If I serve as an ASU 101 Section Leader and a UGTA for another class, do I receive two stipends?
Absolutely! If a student works as a UGTA for one class and ASU 101 Section Leader for one section, the student will earn two stipends ($1,500 total that semester).

Can I be a UGTA for a class that is not listed on the application?
Yes, every semester we receive requests for UGTAs from faculty members in most majors. We hire qualified applicants to serve as UGTAs for any courses they have taken and are offered during their scheduled availability.

Can I apply to be a UGTA for a specific class?
Yes! If there’s a specific class for which you want to be a UGTA, talk with the professor. We are happy to accommodate requests from faculty members. You may also list course numbers or instructors when answering the question “For what other classes are you interested in serving as a UGTA?” on the UGTA Application.

Can a graduate student serve as a UGTA or ASU 101 Section Leader?
No, these positions are for undergraduate students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering only.