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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Peer Mentors are part of an ecosystem of support for Fulton first-year students that includes Fulton Schools faculty, staff, and resources. Peer Mentors facilitate attachment to ASU, Fulton, and their community by creating fun, engaging and meaningful co-curricular opportunities for students to connect with their peers, faculty and staff and also find purpose in their activities.

Through engagement with peer mentors students are able to draw connections between their academics, co-curricular experiences, and professional goals. Students will experience a greater sense of belonging within the community, recognize their growth and learning and be prepared to succeed in college.

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Residential peer mentors are upper-division Fulton students who live and work in the Fulton Schools Residential Communities at the Tempe and Polytechnic campus locations.


Commuter peer mentors help build a Fulton Schools identity and connection with students who don’t live on campus. They share knowledge about Fulton Engineering resources, services and events and serve as a friendly person who students can recognize as a mentor and leader.

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