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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

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Women in Science & Engineering

About WiSE

WISE is the premiere leadership development program for women enrolled in the Fulton Schools of Engineering at the Polytechnic campus.

When the organization was founded in 2009, WISE was an acronym for Women in Science and Engineering. Since then, WISE has expanded its reach to include women majoring in management and entrepreneurship programs in the college.

The WISE mission is to gather, guide and advance women pursuing careers in ST(EM)2 fields: science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, mathematics and management. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of female technical professionals and leaders to take on the world’s toughest problems.

We seek to equip our students with tangible skills and teach them leadership insights so that they can learn and apply those skills to achieve their potential, be catalysts for positive change, and become effective leaders in their community, wherever that may be.


Residential Program

Join an academically supportive living and learning community!

Part of the larger Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Residential College experience at Arizona State University, the goal of the Women in Science & Engineering Residential (WiSE) Program is to encourage academic and career persistence in women who choose careers in engineering, science and technology.

Benefits of living on the WiSE floor:

  • Form a network of friends and a built-in support system with other women sharing interests and goals, which can provide motivation and inspiration during your first year of college
  • Interact with a WiSE community mentor, an upper-class student with similar academic interests, who will plan and organize academic and social programs
  • Develop mentoring relationships with faculty members and other STEM professionals
  • Participate in outreach opportunities with younger girls, where you can engage in hands-on STEM-related activities

The WiSE Residential Program is located in Century Hall (Floor 2, Rooms 269-274) on the Polytechnic campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.

How to sign-up

Fill out the form below by July 15th. Filling out the form does not guarantee a space. Please make sure to also Apply for Housing. Please contact University Housing,, with any questions regarding your placement status.


University Housing

Danielle Sosias
Coordinator Engineering Student Success

Learn more about Residential Halls at Arizona State University or the WiSE student org.