Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Integrity

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

As a student in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, I take pride in my integrity, professionalism and teamwork. I behave honorably and ethically in all my work as a member of the ASU community. I make full commitment to the ASU student Honor Code, ASU Academic Integrity Policy and the FSE integrity expectations. The ethical standards I follow as a student prepare me to follow the ethical standards of my chosen profession.

Ethics and Integrity in Engineering

Given the profound impact of engineering on public health, safety and welfare, I recognize the great importance of ethics to the engineering profession. I further recognize that integrity and ethical behavior as an engineer are directly linked to academic integrity and ethical behavior as an engineering student. In recognition of this statement, all students should strive to adhere to each of these principles:

  1. Seek out, acquaint myself with, and follow the instructor’s rules concerning the materials I am allowed to use and the types of collaboration in which I am permitted to engage in each of my courses.
  2. Help my fellow engineering students to succeed both academically and professionally, while both following the instructor’s guidelines on collaboration and encouraging my classmates to behave ethically.
  3. Ensure that all of my individual work products reflect my own abilities and not those of someone else. I will never copy the work of others or give others the opportunity to copy mine.
  4. Contribute a fair share of work to all teamwork in which I participate, and acknowledge the contributions of others. I will accept responsibility for the integrity of all work submitted by my team.
  5. Use only aids authorized by the instructor during all examinations, quizzes, projects, assignments and other evaluations.
  6. Provide aid to, or receive aid from other students only as permitted by the instructor.
  7. Give full credit to others for their words and ideas, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, using proper citation practices in all of my work, including text, figures and computer code, and all materials obtained from the Internet.
  8. Never act dishonestly including lying, cheating, stealing, or attempting to corrupt the academic enterprise in any way.
  9. Ensure that all data I record or report are objective, true, accurate and properly documented.
  10. Treat all students, faculty and staff with respect, courtesy and dignity, the way I would like to be treated myself.
  11. Recognize that it is how I act when no one else is watching that defines my true character.
  12. Act at all times with integrity, as the true professional that I am to become.