Engineering | Homecoming Block Party

Experience the future with Fulton Schools

2016 exhibitors

QESST — Engineering Our Solar Energy Future

The Engineering Research Center for Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) will be featuring solar cells made by QESST scholars, solar cars and bugs, poster designs, a clean room wardrobe, and many other fun activities!

Sun Devil Robotics Club

Check out the Sun Devil Robotics Club’s robot and learn about their robotics competitions.

Fun with Materials

These engineers study the materials that make up the world around us, and figure out how to make them better! Come learn about materials science and engineering through hands-on demos.

Sun Devil Racing Club

This club builds tough cars for endurance races. Come see their car and learn about their impressive finishes at Baja SAE off-road vehicle competitions sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

NASA Space Grant Robotics

All robots are cool. But imagine robots that can accomplish feats underwater? Come see the team’s current competition robot perform underwater in a pool and drive around a land robot.

Sun Devil Motorsports

The Formula SAE chapter of Arizona State University will show off a racing simulator, race car parts, and their showcase vehicle known as  SDM-16.

Learning from the Smartest Engineer — Nature!

Stop by to try some fun, hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and discover how researchers in the Center for Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) are learning from nature to solve engineering problems.


Geotechnical Institute Graduate Student Organization (GI GSO)

Come experience what happens in an earthquake, and learn that the soil under your feet is a lot more interesting than you think.

Designing micro air vehicles

Learn about the team that designs micro air vehicles. What are these vehicles? Come by and find out!

K-12 Engineering Education and Outreach

Come join the K-12 Engineering Education and Outreach team in engaging, hands-on engineering activities. Participants will tinker and design their own spinning top to take home, and contribute to our giant community marble run!

Arizona FIRST LEGO League

Come see the LEGO robots and learn about one of the coolest programs dedicated to building future engineers. 

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

HKN boasts a fun and interactive exhibit where you can build cool electronics!

The Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory

Interested in seeing a demonstration of the motion of a satellite as it orbits the earth? Then come by and learn about gravity, satellites and more! 

Daedalus Astronautics

Daedalus Astronautics is ASU’s rocket propulsion research group. Come see their rockets and launch your own! 

Fulton Student Council

We will promote our org and either have a Makey-Makey or do hoop gliders. This fun group of engineers always come up with a fun activity. What will it be this year? Build gum drop domes or soda straw rockets, maybe even do hoop gliders. This is also a great place to meet representatives from the Fulton Schools.

And more!