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The Fulton Difference

Society’s needs are changing.  
The Fulton Schools are responding with innovative educational experiences, world-class faculty and leading-edge research. Our engineers are taking on the great challenges of our time. 

We are more than coursework. 
Our degree programs combine a strong core foundation with hands-on experience. We offer a diverse range of focus areas such as energy, sustainability and healthcare—your opportunity to become part of the solution to society’s most pressing problems. 

We think outside the classroom. 
E2, our innovative program to welcome new freshmen, together with personalized advising, the engineering residential community, engineering tutoring services and our engineering career center are just the beginning of our commitment to your success. Take advantage of the many opportunities available to develop your unique talents for research, curiosity for global understanding and spirit of entrepreneurship.

We attract top faculty.

Our faculty are dedicated to student achievement. They embrace change, provide inspiration and measure the success of their research and professional activities by the impact they have locally and globally. Our faculty include a Nobel Laureate and members of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Construction.

We build engineers. 
The demand for well-prepared engineers, builders, makers, designers and innovators continues to grow. Our highly regarded graduates are actively recruited by top companies and many go on to pursue graduate studies in areas such as medicine, law, engineering and science.