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As demonstrated by Ira A. Fulton, engineering students, by their nature as builders and innovators, have enormous potential to become game-changing entrepreneurs.

Programs like the Fulton Schools Startup Center, which offers a variety of courses and workshops, the eProjects program, which seeks to identify and solve real world problems, and the Grand Challenge Scholars program for engineers, which addresses the engineeringchallenges of the 21st Century, offer students with an entrepreneurial inclination to create new technologies and products.

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Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Grand Challenge Scholars receive the well-rounded preparation needed to tackle complex social issues in the areas of health, energy, sustainability, security and education. Students admitted to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program combine experiences in research, service learning, entrepreneurship and leadership, with the development of a global perspective and interdisciplinary thinking. Grand Challenge Scholars receive a unique endorsement from the National Academy of Engineering upon completion of the program.

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EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community Service

The Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS Gold at ASU, is an award-winning community service and social entrepreneurship program. Through EPICS, you have the opportunity to get a hands-on approach to problem solving while making an impact in the community. You will enter the workforce with the ability to design innovative solutions to meet client needs in a dynamic environment.

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Student organizations and teams

If you are interested in fun, leadership, outreach, career growth and networking opportunities, you should check out opportunities with the more than 60 student organizations and teams in the Fulton Schools of Engineering. There are honors and professional societies, diversity organizations, service and major-specific groups, and competitive teams that provide ample opportunities for you to find a group that suits your needs, whether it is gaining hands-on experience working on a team or socializing with peers who share the same passion.

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eProjects program and capstones

Through capstone projects and the eProjects program, you will work as part of a team to solve a challenge defined by an industry partner. Faculty and industry mentors will offer guidance and support throughout your team’s project development process. Project results are then presented at the end of each semester, for industry partners and the public to attend.

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Fulton Schools Startup Center

The Fulton Engineering Startup Center empowers all Fulton Schools undergraduate and graduate students to advance their entrepreneurial ideas for the benefit of our economy and society. The Startup Center offers signature entrepreneurship and innovation courses, workshops, expert mentoring, new venture competitions, and other curricular and extracurricular events that expose students to the concepts of technology innovation and marketplace impact.

Categories: Leadership, Mentoring, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Programs, Research, Entrepreneurship, Competitions

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