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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
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Community events like ASU Open Door give young kids a chance to explore STEM activities.

Fulton Schools ranks #6 for bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanics (ASEE 2016) and 22 percent of our Spring 2017 graduates were female.

During the Physics in Motion summer camp, students are encouraged to build machines that teach STEM concepts.

Research suggests that students who are involved in organizations perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

Half of the students in Fulton Schools come from diverse backgrounds and 21 percent are international students.

Families enjoy STEM activities at ASU’s Open Door, an annual event. Students and faculty share their love of engineering to inspire the next generation.

Programs like FIRST LEGO League are offered during the summer and year-round. Children learn many skills including research, public speaking, coding and building robots.

EPICS High promotes an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems. High school students use creativity and expertise of students already interested in STEM fields as well as the skills of students interested in other fields to develop and implement solutions.

Our students don’t wait to make a difference. Student-led ventures have access to mentoring and seed funding through Fulton Schools programs and competitions.

Joining a student organization helps students build lasting friendships, discover their passions, develop invaluable career skills, become leaders, take part in community service, gain industry connections and have a lot of fun.

Deans Diversity Initiative Letter

Dean Kyle Squires was proud to join deans of engineering across the United States committing, through specific actions, to provide increased opportunity to pursue meaningful engineering careers to women and other underrepresented demographic groups. Specifically they commit to ensuring that our institutions provide educational experiences that are inclusive and prevent marginalization of any groups of people because of visible or invisible differences.

K-12 Outreach

The Fulton Schools’ outreach team inspires K-12 students, their families and teacher throughout Arizona about STEM fields and engineering practices. We are designing and implementing sustainable long-term partnerships and programs that incorporate hands-on activities and curriculums that show how engineering impacts our lives every day.

Student orgs

There are dozens of Fulton student organizations and teams ranging from honors and professional associations to groups creating underwater robots, concrete canoes, and launching rockets. Students orgs are also an excellent opportunity to learn about career possibilities through partnerships with professional societies and national competitions.

Partner with us

From recruiting talent to philanthropic opportunities to community events, it’s easy to find a partner at the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Learn how you can support our student programs, help students make a difference or join us at our next big event.