Required documentation for a compassionate withdrawal

When requesting a compassionate withdrawal, specific documentation is required. These are guidelines, your documentation will be specific to your situation.  The documentation should corroborate your request by either strengthening the request or providing a timeline for event(s).  For example:

  • If your request involves a death, attach a copy of the death certificate, airline itinerary and receipt, funeral pamphlet, etc.
  • If your request is a result of a job change, provide documentation highlighting the job change.
  • If your request concerns another’s illness or hospitalization, the supporting documentation must be sent to us directly from the provider.  Learn more about medical documentation.
  • If your request involves military deployment or relocation, please include a copy of your orders or letter from commanding officer.
  • If your request involves a natural disaster include copies of insurance statements, pictures of damage, etc.
  • If your request involves childbirth or pregnancy please include copy of birth certificate or letter from medical provider or hospital.

These are just some examples.  The supporting documentation provided should include more information about the circumstance.  All official documentation must be presented to our office.  You may submit the non-medical related documentation either by:

Fax:  480-965-8095

Scan and email:  [email protected]