Exchange Programs

Reciprocal agreements between ASU and an international institution provide for an equal exchange of students (i.e., we can only send as many as we receive). In an Exchange Program, ASU students pay ASU tuition, are assigned ASU course equivalencies for the work they do abroad, and the grades earned are factored into their ASU GPAs.

Participants will be responsible for paying for flights, housing, books, food, travel, etc. in addition to their regular ASU tuition. Students will most likely be in regular university classes with students from the host country, and not in special classes designed for foreigners. Proficiency in the host language may be required, though there are many universities around the world in which the language of instruction is English. Programs are available for all majors, though some may be restricted to a specific department or school. Students should refer to specific program information for details.

Students can search for programs on theĀ Study Abroad website.