Study Abroad Scholarships for First Generation Students

The Study Abroad Office is pleased to announce that scholarship applications are now open for first generation college students who are currently second-semester freshman.

Having the opportunity to explore different cultures not only teaches you about another culture, but also about your own. Students who are the first in their family to attend college also have the incredible opportunity to be the first in their family to ever study abroad! ASU wants to make sure you have additional funding opportunities to make your dream a reality.

The ASU Study Abroad Planning Scholarship allows students to participate on any ASU-approved study abroad program during the summer, semester, academic year and/or calendar year.

Apply by May 15. If awarded, you can use the scholarship anytime within the next five semesters. Learn more about the application process on the Study Abroad website.

Grand Challenge Scholar Gains Global Experience

Grand Challenge Scholar and Biomedical Engineering major, Frederick Sebastian, is spending the Spring 2015 studying abroad in England.

A main goal of Grand Challenge Scholars Program is that students will “develop a global perspective necessary to address challenges that are inherently global as well as to lead innovation in a global economy.” Sebastian is doing just that as he exposes himself to British culture through his studies, which he says will also help him in understanding and appreciating his own culture.

“I [have] the opportunity to juxtapose my preexisting knowledge of healthcare through my Biomedical Engineering major as well as my previous cultural experiences to that of the United Kingdom,” explains Sebastian.

With the help of the GCSP experiential learning grant reimbursing him for his flight costs, Sebastian is currently at the University of Sussex fulfilling the GCSP global experiential component of the program.

Are you a Grand Challenge Scholars Program student and interested in studying abroad? Click here to apply for the GCSP experiential learning grant and minimize your travel costs!