The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University seek creative and entrepreneurial faculty having backgrounds and interests aligned with our research themes and who have passion for educating and mentoring the next generation of engineers and high-tech workforce.

Our research themes include energy, health, sustainability, security and engineering education. Learn more about Engineering Research.

NUMBER POSITION Description and Required Qualifications Application EMAIL
Freshman Engineering Lecturers
10954 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
 10994 Circuits, Microelectronics and VLSI Design
10981 Electric Power Systems and Power Electronics
11030 Lecturer
11115 Lecturer – Aerospace Engineering
11108 Lecturer – Air Traffic Management
 11114 Lecturer – EPICS program
11170 Lecturer – Freshmen Engineering Program
11137 Lecturer – Graphic Information Technology
11093 Lecturer-Industrial Engineering
11138 Lecturer – Information Technology
11113 Lecturer-Professional Flight (multiple positions)
11131 Lecturer – Technological Entrepreneurship and Management
10982 Networks, Control, Communication and Signal Processing
10947 Neural Engineering and Neurorehabilitation
 10993 Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Systems
10984 Systems and Synthetic Biology