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Research and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Madeline's story, undergraduate research (video link)Honors student and engineering major Madeline has been awarded, the Marshall Scholarship, one of the most prominent post-graduate scholarships given to college and university students in the United States.
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We strive to provide students with the resources to carve out their own unique educational experience. Many pursue undergraduate research and entrepreurial activities—not common options at most engineering schools and among the top reasons cited for choosing Fulton Engineering.

As an undergraduate, you have the opportunity to work with faculty, graduate students and other undergraduates to put classroom knowledge into practice–whether it is developing alternative energy from sunlight or creating your own entrepreneurial experience to launch a business.

Some students pursue an entrepreneurial path, forming companies and providing solutions to real world problems even before they graduate. ASU is part of the Engineering in Community Service Projects network, giving our students the opportunity to affect meaningful change for nonprofits worldwide. EPICS projects are performed without charge for not-for-profit host organizations such as community organizations, schools or government entities.

In combination, these programs lead to students who perform and achieve at the highest levels—winning national competitions and prestigious scholarships including two Microsoft Imagine Cup winners; a College Entrepreneur of the Year award for an EPICS team; and Marshall and Goldwater Scholars. The result is graduates who are highly attractive to employers and well prepared for a diverse range of careers.

Learn more about our students and their achievements: engineering.asu.edu/achieve

engineering ventures program

Have an idea for a product or service that will help solve a problem or need?

The Fulton Engineering Ventures program is a new program designed to support student entrepreneurial ventures. With your team, develop a business concept for a chance to win funding and mentorship to take your idea to the next level. Funds will be used to advance the team’s business concept, as well as to fund professional development activities. Learn more »more.engineering.asu.edu/ventures


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